Key criteria for building enduring partnerships

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What can an oak savanna ecosystem teach us about adaptive organizational strategy? How can old-growth forests help us learn to build mutually beneficial relationships? What if your company could distribute leadership the way a beehive does, using simple rules that guide and coordinate individuals to accomplish complex assignments?

Our world is full of relationships, from business departments to supply chains to stockholders to member networks, and beyond. But we’re not the only ones who rely on relationships. Thanks to 3.8 billion years of ecosystem evolution, nature has much to teach us about how cooperative relationships can create more sustainable, resilient ways of doing business.

During a past Synapse webinar on biomimicry + social innovation, Biomimicry 3.8’s Dr. Dayna Baumeister outlined four key criteria for establishing partnerships that endure. Now, we’ve turned that into an infographic as a quick and easy reference to jump start thinking on applying these exciting patterns for social innovation.

Shareable Infographic: Key Criteria for Enduring Partnerships

Download our free infographic and share these biomimetic ideas with others.  Leave us a comment below on what these principles mean to you!